//Billionaire’s Wrist Watch…. Do you know about it?
Billionaire's Wrist Watch

Billionaire’s Wrist Watch…. Do you know about it?

Billionaire’s Wrist Watch

Are you interested about billionaire’s wrist watch? If yes, then this article is only for you

The watch expresses the personality of the human being. It is enough to look into one’s hand to know what a person’s personality is. So, it needless to say, those who wear belt watches are different from those who wear chain watches.

Big technology traders also watch the time as a status symbol. Many of us would like to know about Billionaire’s wrist watch. So, let’s see….

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of e-commerce site Amazon, won the title of the world’s richest man in 2017. His position was second on the latest Bloomberg latest list.  At present, his assets are $ 109 crore billion.

Naturally there are countless watches in Bezos’s collection. However, he has been seen in the hands of ULC Nardin Dual Time 233-88-7 on several occasions and the price of the model is 12 thousand 9 hundred dollars.

Bill Gates

At the age of just thirty-one Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates become Billionaire. He ranks first on Bloomberg’s list of the richest people. At present his asset is $ 100 crore billion, but he is not attracted to shiny expensive things. So maybe he wears the Casio brand watch. A picture shows a Casio Duro model in his hand. The watch is priced at around $ 70.

Satya Nadella

He has been working at Microsoft for over 25 years. Prior to becoming CEO in 2014, he was vice president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group. Recently In one of his photos a watch of the Breitling Colt brand was seen in his hand and the watch costs around $ 3 thousand 620

Tim Cook

Tim Cook has been the CEO of the trillion-dollar company Apple since 2011.  Prior to this, he was chief operating officer during Steve Jobs. Because of the long walk with Apple, it is natural to find an Apple Watch in his hand and the latest Apple Watch 5 model starts at $ 399.

Dara Khosrowshahi

Dara Khosrowshahi was the CEO of the travel company Expedia. When co-founder Travis Kalanick resigned in 2017,then he took over as CEO. One of the pictures shows Khasruhashi in the hands of Shofard Mill Miglia 16/8997 and the price of this watch model is $ 6,800.