//What is cc and bcc in e-mail (gmail)-cc vs bcc
What is cc and bcc in email

What is cc and bcc in e-mail (gmail)-cc vs bcc

In our day to day life, we use e-mail or Gmail. So we need to know everything about e-mail or Gmail. Not just Gmail, electronic messaging or e-mail service, you will see the recipient’s name followed by two empty cells named CC and BCC. Some of us are interested to know about what is cc and bcc in an e-mail, what is the meaning of cc and bcc and difference between cc and bcc. So let’s talk about this topic…

These two meanings are:

CC: Carbon Copy
BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

When you want to send a single message to multiple people, enter the email address of each one in the CC cell. In this case, the message will be reached to everyone and everyone will be able to see those people mail addresses who got the same message.

You can send messages to multiple people like this in BCC. But the difference here is that the recipient will not be able to see the email address of anyone other than his / her email address and thus he/she will not be able to know who got the same message.

Usually, if an organization uses email to send information to its customers, it will use BCC because it will not expose their customer’s personal information (e-mail address) to another customer.

And you can use cc when you get a meeting with two of your office colleges to help or inform both of them after a discussion. Then both will be aware that you have provided the message to them.

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