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How to charge Phone faster

Imagine a scenario, having an emergency meeting in your office or going out early in the morning. Wake up and found that your phone is not charged. How will it be? How much will your phone be charged at the time you are ready! However, it cannot be said when one falls into such situations. In that case, knowing some tips for charging a smartphone quickly is no harm. Let’s know some effective strategies to charge the phone fast!


The ability to charge a phone or charger means that the higher the watt, the faster the phone will charge. In this case, the phone and charger have to work in the same rhythm. For example, suppose your phone supports 15 watts charging, but if you charge it with a 5-watt charger then you will see that it is charging slowly. Also, those phones that support 5 watts charging, using a 15-watt charger, have no benefit, but rather a possibility of loss. I hope you understand that.

Pick the appropriate charger

Buy the charger according to your phone’s Maximum Charging Capacity for the fastest charge. Usually higher watt chargers cost more.  Therefore, it is often seen that a certain mobile phone supports the fast charging of more watts, but the mobile company offers a low watt normal charger to save the cost with the mobile. In that case, if you do not know your phone’s maximum capacity and charge the phone with it, you will never be able to charge fast. So now look at the internet according to your phone model to see how many watts of charger it supports, and how many watts of chargers you are using right now.

Buy a  Good  Brand Charger

Generally, you will find Chinese brand chargers in various online shops at a much lower price than a good brand’s charger or OEM’s original charger. They may be fast charging or something like that, but in reality, you can see that you are not getting such output. So you should buy a good charger with a little higher price.

Use a Good Cable

Many people give as much importance to a good charger, not as much to a good cable. But the cable is just as important as the charger itself. No matter how good your charger is, the cable will not be able to charge quickly if the cable is not good enough to fulfill the demands.

Use Wall Socket

For fast charging, of course, plugin the charger in the wall outlet. You will get a good current flow at the wall outlet. If you charge from a power bank or a computer, you will not get maximum speed. Only in an emergency case, you can use it. Similarly, if you use the cable you will get a faster charge than the wireless charger. However, nowadays many fast charging supported wireless chargers have come on the market. Of course, if you can’t add directly to the wall outlet, which means you have to use multiplug, then of course use a good quality multiplug. Otherwise, it could be the opposite.

Turn off the phone and charge

This is a very effective way to charge mobile phones fast. If you turn off the mobile phone and charge it, it will shut down your mobile radio connectivity and other services. Rather, it is all added to your battery. It is quite a task to charge in this manner before leaving somewhere. However, many mobile phones have an option called airplane mode. Also, you can use it if you want.